Irish News · 2019 Fall Sports Picture Day

Wednesday, August 7, 2019  John Cistone Field/Green Street Stadium
NOTE:   In the event of rain, pictures moved to The LeBron James Arena.

8:00 a.m.               Athletic Trainers
8:20 a.m.               Football JV & Varsity
8:40 a.m.               Football Freshmen
9:10 a.m.                Marching Band       
9:30 a.m.            ALL Fall Sports SENIORS, including Trainers & Marching Band
10:00 a.m.             Cross Country
10:20 a.m.             Irish Dancers
10:40 a.m.             Cheerleading Freshmen
11:00 a.m.              Cheerleading JV & Varsity
11:20 a.m.              Volleyball JV & Varsity
11:40 a.m.              Volleyball Freshmen
12:00 p.m.             Boys Soccer JV & Varsity
12:20 p.m              Girls Tennis JV & Varsity
12:40 p.m.             Girls Soccer Varsity
1:00 p.m.               Boys Golf JV & Varsity
1:20 p.m.               Girls Golf JV & Varsity

A retake day will not be scheduled! 

PLEASE NOTE!  Student athletes must be IN DRESS CODE for these pictures. 

There will be no retake day.  Students who arrive out of sports uniform/dress code will not be photographed or included in individual or team photos. Student Athletes and Marching Band members must:

  • Wear team uniform and shoes
  • Have hair length, style and color in compliance with school dress code
  • Wear no jewelry (other than  POST-style pierced earrings for girls only). No bracelets, necklaces, etc.  Must be as if you were dressed for a real game
  • Display no tattoos
  • (Males) MUST be clean shaven