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Irish News · STVM Sports Admission Policy for Students and Faculty

Below is our policy for staff and students to enter all of our home games, most specifically football this Friday:
Student Admission Policy:
1. ALL STVM STUDENTS RECEIVE FREE ADMISSION INTO ALL HOME, ON CAMPUS, REGULAR SEASON SPORTING EVENTS. All students must show current STVM student ID or schedule at the ticket gate for admittance.
2. FOR FOOTBALL: All students will enter the PASS GATE, which is the gate nearest the field house. This gate is clearly marked. There, the student will show their ID or schedule and will be subject to a breathalyzer test, administered by STVM Staff and Administration. This policy may be viewed in our Student Handbook. 
Faculty and Staff Admission Policy:
1. All staff members and coaches receive free entry into all HOME, on campus, regular season contests. Staff member and ONE guest get in free, all others must purchase a ticket at the ticket gate.
2. Staff members use their Staff ID, show it at the ticket gate for admission. We understand that there may be a delay on new staff members and their photo ids, therefore, all staff members and coaches names will be on a list at each ticket gate. Please share your name with the ticket taker for admittance.
Ticket Prices:
Football Prices: all tickets are $7.00.
All other games: Adults are $7.00 and students are $5.00.
*STVM Athletics does offer pre-sale tickets on a case by case basis. This info will be generated prior to that game.