Multiple Teams · Winter Sports Pictures: Tuesday, December 6th

2016 STVM Winter Sports Pictures:
Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2:30 (8th period): Pep Band
3:00 Wrestlers
3:05 Trainers
3:15 Gymnastics
3:20 Varsity Girls Basketball
3:30 JV Girls Basketball
3:40 9th Grade Girls Basketball
4:00 Varsity Boys Basketball
4:15: JV Boys Basketball
4:25 9th Grade Boys Basketball
4:45 Boys Bowling
4:55 Girls Bowling
5:00 Varsity Cheerleading
5:10: JV Cheerleading
5:20: 9th Grade Cheerleading
5:35: Irish Dance

PLEASE NOTE!  Student athletes must be IN DRESS CODE for these pictures.
There will be no retake day.  

Students who arrive out of sports uniform/dress code will not be photographed or included in individual or team photos.

Student Athletes and Marching Band members must:

  • Wear team uniform and shoes
  • Have hair length, style and color in compliance with school dress code
  • Wear no jewelry (other than  POST-style pierced earrings for girls only). No bracelets, necklaces, etc.  Must be as if you were dressed for a real game
  • Display no tattoos
  • (Males) MUST be clean shaven